Literary Classics

Literary Classics

So what is a classic to you? While everyone has their own opinion on what makes a great book that really moved you, there is a general definition on what a “literary classic” is. Here’s what you can look for to determine whether the book you just read can be deemed a literary classic:

1. The book has high artistic merit.

2. The story describes the complexity of life and the personalities of each character as they struggle through it.

3. The story has a profound effect on the reader, moving them.

4. It is popularly read and reread countless times, and is often recommended by one reader to another.

5. The story is relatable and can be appreciated by readers no matter when and where in time. A person from the same era as when it’s just been published may appreciate it much the same as someone who reads it a century later.

6. There is a general consensus of many people that the story can be considered a literary classic.

As you can see, there is no mention of when the book was written, or what particular time period during which the author existed. Yes, there are many books that have been deemed literary classics from centuries ago, but there are many that also deserve the title from contemporary times.