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Mighty Nostromo

Mighty Nostromo by Michel Poulin

Mighty Nostromo by Michel Poulin

The year is 2324 C.E. Tina Forster and her mighty giant cargo ship KOSTROMA are busy carrying heavy and ultra-large cargo loads between the Solar System and the new Human colonies established in other star systems close to our system. Carrying complete city-sized structures at a time, the KOSTROMA is in high demand in the interstellar cargo-carrying business and Tina has thus placed an order for a new cargo ship, to be called the NOSTROMO, to supplement her KOSTROMA. Then, an alien threat of a truly monstrous nature appears in the space occupied by the Drazts, which are friends with Humans. Tina Forster and her KOSTROMA will have to risk it all to face that alien threat and save billions of lives.

MIGHTY NOSTROMO is the sequel of WAR AMONG THE STARS and is the fifth novel in the KOSTROMA Series.

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