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War Among the Stars

War Among the Stars by Michel Poulin

War Among the Stars by Michel Poulin

The year is 2320. War has again reared its ugly head, both on Earth and in space. While civil war is ravaging the African continent, an alien race jealous of the fact that Humanity can now travel among the stars is hoping to steal that new technology, so that it could have the Solar System within its grasp. Fleet Captain Tina Forster and her giant interstellar cargo ship KOSTROMA are busy building new home worlds for Humanity but will soon have to concentrate their attention on the Drazt of Ross 128. While Tina Forster would prefer to use diplomacy, the Drazt have other ideas about how to settle their differences with the Humans. Will Tina Forster and her mighty KOSTROMA be up to the task of either arranging peace with the Drazt or, at worse, win a war against them. WAR AMONG THE STARS is the sequel to LOST AMONG THE STARS and is the fourth book in the JOVIAN UPRISING Series.

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