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Timeline Twin

Timeline Twin by Michel Poulin

Timeline Twin by Michel Poulin

This is the sixth novel in the Time Patrol series on the adventures through time of Nancy Laplante. The original Nancy Laplante ‘A’ is dead, killed while covering the civil war in Syria for CNN in 2019 ‘A’. Her young timeline twin, Nancy Laplante ‘B’, is however ready to continue her work with the Time Patrol as a field agent and soon starts going on missions through time, notably in the 17th and 19th Centuries. She will find adventure, danger but also romance and love in the past. Meanwhile, the timeline twin of the adopted daughter of Nancy ‘A’, Ingrid Dows ‘C’, continues to serve in the United States Air Force in 1953 ‘C’, fighting wars against communist forces while climbing the senior ranks ladder. She will then open Space for the United States through her vision and daring.

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